Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Robot Product - the Roboduino

I've seen people use the Arduino on the robot and saw what kind of hassle they had. Servos and sensors were a pain to plug in and everything seemed to need a shield. I decided to go ahead and make my own microcontroller board - basically a modified Arduino that is geared for robotics. This microcontroller is entirely plug and play. No more stupid shields needed to plug in a servo. Each pin has its own power bus, so it couldn't be simpler.

I've teamed up with Scott from to be the sole supplier of the Roboduino ). Prototype boards should be ready in about 2 weeks and I'll make some demo videos of the first Roboduinos. Expect the first Roboduinos to be on the market in less than 6 months.

Heres an overview of it:

  • Both power jack and 3 pin connector for Power input
  • Male header pins that have GND and regulated power ( unless otherwise specified)
  • UART dedicated pins
  • I2C pin headers
  • Reset button
  • USB bootloader interface
  • ISP pins
  • 6 PWM pins with unregulated power
  • 6 analog pins
  • 14 digital pins
  • 1 LED dedicated digital pin
  • Power bus of male headers for 5V,Gnd,and 9V
  • Polarity Protection


Anonymous said...

Hey- can I be a "beta" tester? :)

I think my robot BubbleBoy could use a board like this - instead of an Arduino + ProtoShield (and a bird's nest of wires...)!

Eric said...

the beta testers would get a nice discount.

I'll make a post in the coming weeks relating any beta testing.

Anonymous said...

Hey, very nice. The simplicity of Arduino programming with the beefy I/O to directly control servo motors. Drop me a line when you are ready to ship your first set. I'd like to try one out. Seriously!
Good luck!