Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Speed Simulation

I wrote up a simple Javascript web application to simulate the speed of your robot compared to other well known objects ( a bike, a car, etc.). There is also a football field in the background so you can see your robot's speed in relation to a football field.
Right now the simulation only supports whole numbers and only only operates in the feet per second resolution. I will add on support for meters per second later.

Also I am 75% done with the simulation portion for slow speeds in the inches per second scale. That part has a yardstick in the background. That should be ready in a few days.
Heres the link to the simulation , just enter the speed in feet per second in the text box above


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Layout for Narobo.com

Just finished the new and improved layout of my main website - Narobo.com
Put in some javascript and also put up the Narobo Logo.

Roboduino on MAKE !

The Roboduino was featured on MAKE: Blog.

Been busy with the Roboduino lately, so not much more updates.

I am working on a simulation to see relative speed in relation to a well know object in the background(ruler, football field, etc.) . It will be useful when you are trying to figure out relatively how fast an object should be going . I would also add other moving objects that would move alongside the object ( a car, a person running , bicycle, etc.). I plan to add text boxes to enter in speed and also checkboxes to select which objects would show up on screen.