Monday, August 29, 2011

Need Me to Design and Create Projects?

Lately I've been wanting to take on another project or two.
So I'm available for hire to design or create any project or product.  I usually charge fair rates, sometimes don't even charge at all. Its usually just a matter of how interesting the project is to me ;)

I live and breathe electronics and microcontrollers, especially PCB design and microcontroller firmware coding. 

Email eric at narobo dot com if you have a project or idea in mind.

Final Project - Knock Lock

Heres my final project for digital logic design. Video after the schematic. Notice how little chips were used, not a single microcontroller, all logic design. And if you're experienced with electronics you'll pick up on the little tricks I used to save chips - using a XOR as an inverter, using slower chips so that I could keep a single MRST signal, some other tricks hidden on the page.

New Post - my lab

Been a while since the last post, been developing a secret product and a few not so secret projects.
More posts will be following.

Anyways, here are some pictures of my home workshop for the curious or interested. Check out my space