Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Looking for Beta Testers for the Roboduino

I'm currently looking for some beta testers for the Roboduino
Roboduino Specs:

Beta testers get a special discount on the Roboduino - $30 for the Roboduino kit ( thats 25% off of the retail price) and $50 for assembled board
(no discounts on an assembled Roboduino)

Beta testers are expected to use the Roboduino on robots or some electronics. Testers are expected to take pictures of what they used it on and also must report all malfunctions, any errors, etc.

If you are interested please contact me through email : airman00 at . Include how you plan to use the Roboduino, any robotics/electronics experience you have , and if you want the kit version or the assembled version. Space is limited and I will be picking the beta testers I think are best for the job.


EDIT: No more spots left for beta testers. It all got filled up in a couple of hours.
Expect the Roboduino to be on sale in late December

Monday, November 24, 2008

First Roboduino Assembled!

The first Roboduino has been assembled and brought to life!!!

I tested out everything there - UART, PWM, status LEDs, etc. and all is working perfectly!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

First Batch of Roboduino PCBs !

Heres a quick preview of the Roboduino PCB . More updates after its assembled and tested.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Robot Product - the Roboduino

I've seen people use the Arduino on the robot and saw what kind of hassle they had. Servos and sensors were a pain to plug in and everything seemed to need a shield. I decided to go ahead and make my own microcontroller board - basically a modified Arduino that is geared for robotics. This microcontroller is entirely plug and play. No more stupid shields needed to plug in a servo. Each pin has its own power bus, so it couldn't be simpler.

I've teamed up with Scott from to be the sole supplier of the Roboduino ). Prototype boards should be ready in about 2 weeks and I'll make some demo videos of the first Roboduinos. Expect the first Roboduinos to be on the market in less than 6 months.

Heres an overview of it:

  • Both power jack and 3 pin connector for Power input
  • Male header pins that have GND and regulated power ( unless otherwise specified)
  • UART dedicated pins
  • I2C pin headers
  • Reset button
  • USB bootloader interface
  • ISP pins
  • 6 PWM pins with unregulated power
  • 6 analog pins
  • 14 digital pins
  • 1 LED dedicated digital pin
  • Power bus of male headers for 5V,Gnd,and 9V
  • Polarity Protection