Monday, August 13, 2007

Chives Version 3

My new and improved butler bot.
Its 3' 9" and on a 21" square9 including wheels)
Also I added a mini-fridge and an extra 12V 20Ah battery.
Another improvement was that I mounted everything vertically.


videos to come later on...


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Base is done! Click the link to see some pics


My base is done and it works amazingly. On the spot turning and awesome maneuvering. Anyway to see some pics goto Chives V 2.0 Photo Set.
Summary of it: Two dynamic wheelchair motors( 24VDC 11.5Ah) running off a 12VDC 20Ah battery. One caster in front for stability. Phidgets control automotive relays which switch the motors to go in two different directions. My computer program is the same it was before.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Got the motors! Made a template

I got the motors and wheels from eBay and I am now goingto mount it. I created a template for the Dynamo Electric Wheelchair Motors. This template is for mounting the wheelchair onto wood or metal. If anybody wants the template, I can send it to their emails and then they could just print it out to scale with Google SketchUp.
I am still waiting for my batteries , my relays , and my template which is being made into 1/4" thick metal.
I'll post pictures of the completed base when I finish. I think I should be done by next week, but I am not sure about how the charger, batteries, and motor will interact with each other due to fact that I bought the pieces separately ,on the basis that they run on 24V and 20Ah.

Batteries and motors work! The motors even run on 12V instead of 24VDC. I will use the 12V because it is slower and more suited for a home enviornment
Hope this works!