Friday, August 3, 2007

Got the motors! Made a template

I got the motors and wheels from eBay and I am now goingto mount it. I created a template for the Dynamo Electric Wheelchair Motors. This template is for mounting the wheelchair onto wood or metal. If anybody wants the template, I can send it to their emails and then they could just print it out to scale with Google SketchUp.
I am still waiting for my batteries , my relays , and my template which is being made into 1/4" thick metal.
I'll post pictures of the completed base when I finish. I think I should be done by next week, but I am not sure about how the charger, batteries, and motor will interact with each other due to fact that I bought the pieces separately ,on the basis that they run on 24V and 20Ah.

Batteries and motors work! The motors even run on 12V instead of 24VDC. I will use the 12V because it is slower and more suited for a home enviornment
Hope this works!

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