Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Looking for Beta Testers for the Roboduino

I'm currently looking for some beta testers for the Roboduino
Roboduino Specs:

Beta testers get a special discount on the Roboduino - $30 for the Roboduino kit ( thats 25% off of the retail price) and $50 for assembled board
(no discounts on an assembled Roboduino)

Beta testers are expected to use the Roboduino on robots or some electronics. Testers are expected to take pictures of what they used it on and also must report all malfunctions, any errors, etc.

If you are interested please contact me through email : airman00 at . Include how you plan to use the Roboduino, any robotics/electronics experience you have , and if you want the kit version or the assembled version. Space is limited and I will be picking the beta testers I think are best for the job.


EDIT: No more spots left for beta testers. It all got filled up in a couple of hours.
Expect the Roboduino to be on sale in late December

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Mike Shimniok said...

Looks great, wished I'd seen this earlier. :) Will keep an eye out for when it goes into production...