Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Butler Robot: Building the Robot's Head

The robot head for your butler robot can be whatever you want . I decided to make a dome shaped head with one eye. Here are the instructions for the robot head that I made:

Get a 12" diameter cake cover and if its not silver yet , then spray paint it silver.

Now find a soldering iron that you don't mind destroying. ( you can actually just clean it up afterwards it doesn;t really destroy it)Plug in the soldering iron and wait for it to heat up.

Now find one threaded PVC connector ( 1.5" diameter is what I used).

Hot glue that piece to the silver dome in the place where you want the eye. Now the soldering iron is nice and hot you need to slowly melt a hole inside the PVC piece you just glued. Make sure you don't melt the actual plastic piece.

After you made your hole , wet the soldering iron with a sponge and unplug it , letting it cool. Take some PVC pipe ( I used a 7" , 1.5" diameter PVC pipe) and hot glue it to the bottom of the cake cover as shown. Make sure the PVC is attached securely.

Find that webcam that you will dedicate for this butler robot ( I used Quickcam Pro 4000 ) and glue it so that the lens of the camera is looking through that hole we melted.

Now the glue the other end of the PVC pipe to the center of the top piece of the wood platform we made.Cool head isn't it?

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