Wednesday, May 12, 2010

DroneCell Updates

I'm sorry for all the delays.
I had a batch of DroneCells that required external SIM card holders. After conferring with some friends in the industry, I've made the decision to release a new version of the DroneCell, a version that has a built-in card holder. This obviously has resulted in some delay, so expect the final release in stores to happen within the next three weeks.
As of now, DIYdrones will be stocking the DroneCells, as well as one more electronic hacker oriented store.

Some stuff I added to the new DroneCell:
Built in SIM card holder
Better power supply regulation
Power on/off button for manual turning on

Pretty much everything else is the same, so all coding samples I have will work exactly the same way. Final price on these babies will probably be close to $100 retail.

I'll have some more posts as they become available. I'm also considering some sort of preordering thing set up, because the demand for this has been higher than I expected, and we may run out of DroneCells from the first batch.

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