Sunday, March 21, 2010

BattleBots Documentary

I got this in my email today:
I'm working on a documentary on high school BattleBots. I've been following multiple teams around since August, leading up to the National Championship.

I'm trying to raise funds to film the championship with a multi camera crew, as well as travel to San Francisco to interview the BattleBot creators and builders.

The project is at:

If you would be able to post something about this, it would greatly help me reach my goal and make this the best film it can be. Plus it'll raise awareness of the film at the production stage, so people can be involved in how the film turns out.

I think its great that there is more awareness with regards to robotics, especially high school level robotics competitions. If you have a couple extra bucks to spare, you should consider donating some to his worthy cause. You even get cool promo items like T-shirts and the like.

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