Friday, June 29, 2007

Alfred the Robot Butler

I have decided to name the robot Alfred, after Batman's butler.
Anyway, I will be posting pics later this week or next week. They will show the base w/ wheels, my joystick switch I made for manual control, the relay system and schematic, robot arm, the main circuit if i put it on in the next few days. Also you'll be able to see the robot body( a plastic human)
It may show up as one post or separate posts for each thing. Look for it !
Keep sending me those ideas!

[Edit: Its not going to be ALfred, because the "fff" sound is hard to pick up on a mike. So its going to be Chives]


Eric said...

Never mind, the word Alfred is a little hard to pick up on the microphone due to the "fff" sound. So its name is Chives, which is easily picked up.

Eric said...

Go to the blog homepage
to see some pics of my butler robot development.